I'm crying everyday

My #secretconfessed,
I'm a MBA student I'm in love with my senior. I love dancing, he's not allowing for it. If I'm doing against his words he'll emotionally attack me and make me cry everyday. He loves me and caring me a lot.

He is always fighting for everything. If I don't call him even in exam time he'll make me cry. He is not allowing me to talk to my classmates and UG friends If my class boys talk to me he'll scold me and make me cry. Daily he's fighting and even in exam time if I didn't call him he calls me and uses bad words. He didn't allow me to attain symposium but he went to attain it. He didn't allow me to go to industrial visit with my classmates, but he goes. Even he's is not allowing for anything.

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Daily I'm crying I'm adjusting for him. But he is hurting me a lot. If I try to explain anything he's not ready to hear. If I say anything like this he says goodbye... so I cant say anything.

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:) 1 year ago

Relationship means few compromises from BOTH THE SIDES... and it appears that it is only you who is adjusting for the sake of his happiness who don't even care that his actions are reason for your emotional unstability... plz leave him... because he will not only destroy your career but will destroy you completely. .. i know you must have made good memories for which it becomes difficult to part from him but for your better future you should leave him... coz he is overpossesive amd you might end up into abusive relationship. .. all the best make this move at the fastest pace and get out of it... all the best... tc good luck ;*


Zoya 2 years ago

He doesn't love u.. He is obsessed and power crazy.. Trust me u will end up doing nothing but crying ur entire life if u stick with him.. U will lose ur identity and be more depressed about it.. Come out of such an abusive relationship faster and become more independent and free.. Dont let anyone dictate u.. They should love u for who u are, not who they can turn u to be


MassyK 2 years ago

Just take a break from him, Just adopt this Formula "Stop paying attention on him" once you'll stop liking him at all, He'll start noticing you and will suffer to have you back in anyway, Which will lead him to change himself, And if he truly loves you, He will change himself.


Chandrasekhar 2 years ago

He is not suitable for you ,discontinued his relationship or it will be difficult for you in future.


R.S 2 years ago

Ara year, are you in a relationship or suffering a imprisonment ?


Pk 2 years ago

Its not love its one type of syco.. stop Ur relationship imedeatly .its danger for ur future ...9438000111


hi cutie 2 years ago

Its seem like he is scaring to loose you !but he was not supposed to abuse u by his words that u mentioned. If u are not feeling comfortable with him just move on dear They are manything around u which u deserve . Last point in every relationship there must be have trust from by both side. Making boundaries to relationship it will not be longer


Neha 2 years ago

Let him go dear U deserve someone much better than him


Xyz 2 years ago

There are certain things that a relationship needs . I too ask my girlfriend for certain things that she need not to do but there is a limit for anything. There should be some personal space too. A person should only ask other to do certain things that is harmful for the person or the relationship but is he crossing his limits. A person who himself don't follow the thing can't asl others to do that thing. So take a bold decision a move on or talk to him about this. After all its your life so decision should be yours only. Take care and all the best


a 2 years ago

in love we do adjustments but there is a limit... he is controlling ur life so plz dont let him do that otherwise he will never become a better person.... u have to leave him it will be best for both of u


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