I'm gonna be a father

I'm gonna be a father

My wife is 33 weeks pregnant and its been terrible the entire time. She is always nauseous and in sme knd of pain. We also hv a 2yr old.

The last 2 weeks hv been really bd for her. She can barely mve around, cnt help with my son, cnt do anthing around the house. I m taking care of everything. Let me be clear that I feel terrible she is in this type of pain bt there is nothing I cn do to make it physically better. I m tired physically nd honest m tired of her complaining at this point.

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If she needs me to do something then I m happy to help, but I cnt listen to the complaints when she or I dont have a solution. I cnt tell her anything about how I feel because it wont change anything and only make things worse. I hv to suck it up and its making me miserable.

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