I'm in relation with a married guy...

My #SecretConfessed,
F-23. I am in relation with a guy who is married and having a kid too. He got married at a early age due to some circumstances in his life. We started talking as my ex was his friend, but we never knew each other earlier.

I was in depression. He took me out of that by understanding me.

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Then one day he proposed me. I was reluctant but then i said yes.
He used to touch me n all. I trusted him blindly.
Then after few months he himself told me that "I am married. I have a kid. I was just having timepass. But now I really love you that is why meine tumhe sch btaya apna sb". I just blocked him. Then i unblocked bcoz i really love him.

Then he now loves me alot, cares for me, there is nothing like physical demands, nothing like that from his side.



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Ash 1 year ago

Girl you know there is no future for your relationship still you are fooling yourself..some people have habit of hit the stone with their foot. You are doing same thing. Don't waste your time on this person as this will only push you in more depression.cut off all ties with this person and don't ever try to contact him again for the sake of his wife and his children's if any. Concentrate more on your hobbies now don't tell loving him is your hobbies. Socialize with good people and move on else you will curse yourself later on for not moving on on time. Rest choice is yours.


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