I'm married and I'm in love with married

I'm married and I'm in love with married

I am in a relationship but I have fallen for a coworker who is married.

She makes me feel alove. It’s to the point where we have to see each other almost every day. I am falling in love with this woman, knowing one of us is going to get hurt in the end. I am so happy around her that it doesn’t seem wrong.

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I will have people who disagree with my choices, but in my mind, happiness should dictate life, not your life dictating your happiness.

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Anonim 1 year ago

ok so u r married and u have feelings towards another woman. .....u wrote a philosophical dialogue at the end happiness should dictate our life .....just one question ...imagine if ur wife had an affair and she was the first one to do...then??? these same philosophies will b uttered by u. Dont justify ur filthy acts


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