I'm not cheating on my boyfriend. Right?

My #secretconfessed,
Today, I'm writing this confession just to get a suggestion from you people because I'm very confused in my life. Actually, I had a relationship from last 5+ year approx... We got committed in college 1st year but I think that was just infatuation... I called this "infatuation" just because I never get anything in this relationship for which I always wished for.

After we got committed I was very simple girl so I just always demanded time, care and loyalty n truth from him. But I always feel disappointed from this relationship because he always lies. And always treated me as his 2nd priority in college life. He always enjoyed with his friends and when I complaint that he has no time for me… We always ended up with a fight.
He wanted to be in relationship but not ready to take any responsibilities. I was somewhere burden on him.

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But in last year I was preparing myself to be strong and get out of this relationship. On last day he even had fight which hurt me like hell. Then I decided to move on. After coming back I distant myself from him because somewhere I was losing my feelings for him. Then we had breakup about 6months.  And then he pleased me to come back. I was little lost and I had some feelings left for him so we get committed to each other. But again we had fights on small things even.


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Stranger 1 year ago

My dear Conessor, Life is not a bad of roses. We fall in love to create memories, live a happy bonding life, to fight the odds of life together. If these are absent, you are just a sweeping tool. Get out of that relationship before he used you exhaustively. Walk away, build your career and good life rather sticking yourself as an option. Never ever love someone who thinks you as an object, tool, toy or optional. Love is commitment and he is toying with you frankly. Stay away before it's too late. You are not an adjective to anyone. Grow beautifully and take care of your future happiness.


Deshu 1 year ago

Hmm no... you are not cheating on you boyfriend... actually your ex boyfriend hehehe... I guess you were never in love or in any relationship... you were just dragging this so called **** assume whatever you want uff this toxicity.... let it... hmm for your "ex" you have so many genuine reasons... he is npt responsible... and the way he treats you I'm damn sure he doesn't give a shit about you... he is with you because he knows he can never get someone like you, trust me with him your life with no more than a crushed can in bin... he doesn't know how to keep her woman... and many more I can say but I don't want to write a easy here, and I'm not going to talk about your online friend... its your choice... but what you should do is just screw out of yourself from your so called boyfriend. If you wouldn't even met that online friend, you should breakup long before... its to much now I guess... but its not late. Get out this toxicity... and I guess you know how


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