I'm one of you guys...

My #SecretConfessed:
I'm here not to confess any secrets.. but to give a few pieces of advise to all who are in trouble.. Guys, keep these things in mind.

1. If you love someone.. You arent doing anything wrong.. You have feelings and you aren't doing anything bad.. It isn't a crime.. even the law of India too accepts love marriages.. and no sacred book say that loving is a sin.. so just remove this thought that you are doing anything wrong.
It is india.. and our culture rarely accepts love marriages.
But if you love someone truly.. and that someone too loves you truly.. just give your 100 percent to stay with each other.. and persuade your parents for that.. If they don't get ready.. still don't give up.. If your parents can't understand your feelings.. don't understand theirs.. They don't own you.. and it's your life.. you have to live it.. and I don't think you'll like to live it with a stranger not of your choice.. and destroy your own happiness for those who don't really give a damn about your feelings.

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anonymous 1 year ago

Bhai...baaki sacred books ka to pta ni but haan quraan sharif m pyar zrur hram hoga Aur rhi baat hindu dharmagranthon ki to usme pyar ni shudhdha saatvik prem ki baat khi gyi h joki vaasnarahit hota tha lekin ajkl ki generation ko pta ni kya ho gya h wo sirf physical relation ko hi pyar ka saboot smjhti h. Ajkl k log to pyar ka meaning b ni smjhte shi se aur hws puri krne ko lovemaking khte hain. Agr yhi pyar hai to ye pyar ni hawas h. MSG for girls : if your lover is asking you to be intimate with him, leave him at once, he only wants your body. If he truely loves you, he will always respect you and never (remember NEVER EVER) ask you to be physical. A survey has concluded that 99 people change after having sex with you before marriage and at the same time, a girl fells more deeply in love with him after having sex. You can see such many girls nearby you, who had sex with their loved one before marriage. You will find that almost all their mates have dumped them after being physical. Apne desh ki girls ki problem ye h k wo apni akl pr paththar daal leti hain pyar k naam pr. Unhe apne ache bure ka khyal hi ni rhta. Fr saamne wala koi unka use krke chla jayega fr roti rahengi. Tmhe use krne ka mauka unhe kisne diya? Who let them to use you?


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