I'm starting to hate my kids...

Please, don't judge me severely, read my story and give your suggestions.. I've got two kids and don’t get me wrong, I love my children dearly.. They are my children and at times I feel like they are the biggest blessing in my life.

However, they are becoming these little monsters who don’t listen to me, have any respect for their belongings, run around screaming, etc. Ever since I became single mother, it seems it just got worse. People try saying “oh they are little” and “everyone goes through this” or “its normal for children to behave like that” and other things but it doesn’t help me at all. It just gets on my nerves and never helps. I am starting to hate my kids and its influencing our everyday life. I don't feel good with it but i cant help it.. I hope they don’t grow to hate me for it...

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Bablu 2 years ago

You are starting to hate your kids means you are not able to understand them. As you are a single mother like you they are also going in a disturbing period thus please make them your friend and try to extract what are their feelings in every matter .Play with them sing with them what ever you are doing do with them Try to enter in to their mind .


king 2 years ago

r u widow if so i would recommend u to marry one more time


sayani 2 years ago

parenting is not easy and as a mother whatever you do will influence your children to a great length. so of course no matter what, you have to be very careful and patient and deal with them according to the situation. and of course being a single mother is tough and it doubles your work. but if you can't handle it alone please seek some professional help or counselling. trust me.. it helps to a great length. even both parents sometimes fail to understand their children and their needs. so its not bad or wrong to seek outside help. it will also strengthen your relationship and bonding with your children.


Ri 2 years ago

well said, sayani, you are so right


mom 2 years ago

I dont think there is something wrong with you...being a single mother is not easy itself and kids can be really troublesome at times.. why don't you look for help in your family? and if this is not possible, seek for professional help.. good luck


Anonim 2 years ago

Please keep strong, the kids grow up really quickly...


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