In a strange kind of relationship

My #SecretConfessed:
I am 29 years old working in new delhi. This is about a girl i met online 6 years back.
She was from a different city. but we get along well wid each other very soon. We started to hav phone calls... talks... I was like very much into her. I have even shared my feeling for her. And she also accepted.

After a month or so suddenly one night, when i called her, some boy picked her call and when i asked her who is he..? Why he is using her phone..? We started to have a fight over phone.
He was telling like: "She is my gf for 5 yrs. She is with me. In my bed, in a hotel".

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This was socking to me.
I said "Let me talk to her once". He gave the call to her. I asked her. But she didnt hv any answers.

I cried so much dat night. It was never accepted. 

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