Is it my fault that I'm not brahmin?

My #SecretConfessed:
I was in a relationship with a guy past 3 years. He was brahmin and I am belonging from a normal caste. At the starting moment of our relationship we both cleared to each other that without support of our families we never can forward in our relationship.

So he asked his parents for accepting our relationship, but just bcz of caste discrimination his parents rejected me. But then he gave me hope day by day that everything should be ok, he could manage everything.
Also he came to my parents and told them that he wanted to marry me.
My parents trusted him, but now everything is changed bcz now he denied to marry me.
His logic is I am not brahmin, but belonging from normal caste so he can't take any kind of relationship without his parents permission.

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Now tell me, is there any fault of mine???

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