Is there any future for us?

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Actually I m in a relationship. It had been more than 1 and a half year of my relationship with my bf. He is honest, understanding, loving, caring, loyal etc... We have a good connection with each other.

But only problem I have with my bf is he can't commit me that we will have future together as husband and wife.
We broke up this year in August becoz of these commitment issues as he wasn't able to ensure me, my future with him.
He says that his parents won't allow him to marry me. He said so he doesn't want to destroy my future becoz of him, I should leave him as chances of being together are very small.

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Becoz of this I broke up in August but after 1 month we were unable to live separate from each other so we talked and sorted things n are back together as bf n gf.
He said he will try to convince his parents for me as much as he can. Otherwise then also parents wouldn't be convinced, he has to listen to his parents n have to separate with me. I said that okay but he has to try his best to convince as I too will try to convince my parents too.

We agreed and were back together. Now our relationship is going good. N we have to wait to marry each other for about more than 6 years from now.
In all we are happy together, no other issues just a problem of commitment.

But I want to know I m doing ryt being in relationship back, still knowing that maybe we dont have a future together???

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