It turned into love making on duties...

My #secretconfessed,
I am a doctor doing residency in one of the busy branches. The girl I love is my junior and she has a bf already who is doing his residency somewhere else far away. Initially that girl and I become very close friends and that turned into love making on duties. I am mad in love with her but she is just physical with me sometimes. She is still a virgin. But sometimes she feels guilty a lot that hurts me. I love her.. her boyfriend doubts our friendship obviously so she started hiding from him.

And now she is making me away from herself but since we are like colleagues we can't go far separate from each other as we have same duties. I love her madly. Her bf and she are of same caste and they are going to marry each other.

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What should i do? I can't live without her now.

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Hi 2 years ago

Y r u spoiling a healthy relationship.respect her wishes.


Lustguru 2 years ago

Njoy kiya na think out of the box, don't u think she won't cheat u in future


Meenakshi 2 years ago

Forget ... Move on ... Life is much more than love ... If you love her, leave her at peace n to bloom ...Don't suffocate her n make her guilty You both are wrong ..This is not love ...It's just 'need ' lust .. don't call shit Love is beautiful ...


Anonymous 2 years ago

Have fun as long as it lasts.. don't fall for her., She is cheating her bf, if you fall for her she will cheat you also..


Sukeah 2 years ago

Get the fuck out of her and their life. Knowing that she is committed to someone else already you should be morally upright. It's no love but just lust.


One 2 years ago

Now think about the entire scenario from her bf's perspective. You have already complicated a relationship because you could not control your don't aggravate it further. Whatever feeble chances she has in her relationship, courtesy you and her libido, let them revive their relationship if they can.


Milan brar 2 years ago

U must let her go . If she likes u she will surely come back and marry u .bt if she really has a bf u must step back


Rochill 2 years ago

Love not meant to hold on in every situation it means to let go sometimes, specially in a case like yours. Selfishness is not part of love!


Amit 2 years ago

Why do u want to spoil her life just for own happiness. If u love her just let her go.


Jolly 2 years ago

Why are you forcing yourself with her. She has a bf. Leave her. You will will get better girl. She is not the first and last girl whom you have met. Find someone else for yourself. She is happy with him. Don't take away her happiness.


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