My first love passed away

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Hey, i am a 19 year old girl. 5 years back i fell for a guy who unfortunately had no feelings for me. But i loved him so deeply.

And he passed away 3 years ago.

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I couldn't get over for so long. But 2 months back i got into a relationship with a guy. And he was so restrictive that i started hating him...
The fact is that i never really loved him. But he was sincere and wanted to marry me. And I could not adjust with him. I was not happy with him. I was not comfortable with him.
So i decided to end the relationship... And i did it. And i realized that no matter how many boys i see everyday i'll only have that one person in my heart (my first love... who passed away).

But this guy's very depressed now because i left him. And i regret everything. It was all my mistake. Its haunting me. I have no peace. I just cheated an innocent man...
Coincidentally we ended up joining the same college after all these happened. I dont know how to face him... I dont know what to do... I so desperately need help!

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