I even knew her periods...

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I met her for the first time when we were like 4, too young to even realise what love is. I became friends with her.
Then after an year we changed schools for our 1st standard.
After 5 years somehow I ended up in her school. I didn't knew it was her. It took me 3 more years to realise it was her. By then we were 13.

Again we became friends and this time it wasn't that simple for me. I fell in love with her, but i couldn't gather the courage to tell her.
One day she came to me all of a sudden said she wanted to tell me something really important. I was all ears.
She then said that a senior of ours proposed her and she didn't reply yet, what to do. I didn't say anything.

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Her friends told him she said yes and she didn't decline it either.

We were still friends soon we became best friends. I used to cry every night. But I was happy because she was happy with him. 

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