It hurts being judged like that

My #SecretConfessed:
I have always been a chubby girl. And i never cared about what people thought or said about me. But In 9th Std i started getting asthma atttacks. Doctor prescribed a inhaler which was effective but had a side effect of making me more fat (i used it 2 times, gaining weight).

I avoided it and completed my ssc. In higher ssecondary i had to walk abt 15min which made my breathing fast leading to asthma, so the lecturers complained to my parents.
As my parents, they scolded me, so i used to carry the inhaler but didn't use. I even changed my seat in class from front to back so lecturers don't notice me.

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But in hssc during exams i got a serious asthma attack which my inhaler couldn't control and i had to be hospitalized for abt a month.
Even my abroad friends and relatives were called coz doctors were unsure about me recovering.
But by God's grace n prayer i survived. When i was i brought home my parents started crying and i was guilty.

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RobinReturns 1 year ago

I Know how it feels. I gained weight due to eating habits. Have nothing to say cuz I have been through it myself. If only people stop judging others and just mind their own business, life would be much easier. Would like to talk to you.


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