Loan for engagement, loan for lifetime

My #SecretConfessed:
Guys, first thing don't say anything bad about her. We have been together for 7 years. I'm from a village in Bihar and she is from Lucknow city.

We really loved each other but her family didn't like me.
After a long time of negotiations, her parents agreed. My papa put all effort to convince her father. Her father told me to get a flat in Lucknow so I booked 2bhk flat which possession was at 2018. I paid 3 installments.

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My sister shadi was going on so I thought that my girlfriend can take a loan from her salary (we both worked in a mnc) but her father said that her daughter won't take any loan and my father should take a loan. But the problem is that my father works in the air force and we couldn't take a loan because he already took it for my sister wedding.

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