Lost virgnity with my crush

My #secretconfessed,
Today I want to confess that I lost my virginty with my crush. He is not at all interested in me but i was in madly in love with him and he knows this thing. He was young, smart, gymholic, hazel eyes boy. I was in love with his physique. We became friends with benefits. When the first time I met him, he kissed me all over. I felt like Princess.

Then we went to cafe n all, I used to treat him like my bf... unaware of the fact that he just loved my body not me. For the every first time I did s*x that too without condom. Then after that I have taken i-pill. I was not even able to walk properly for 2 days. I still remember that pain.

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After that I went completly in love him. He wont meet me in public places. I was just a thing for him to entertain in a hotel room. I came to realise one day he is using me.

That's what he wants from me is fullfilled. He is no more interested in me but I love him from the bottom of my heart.

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Parag 1 year ago

What rubbish is that??? Karne se pehle kahin confess kita tha??? no one can use you unless you give them permission don't try to gain sympathy after enjoyment


Na Bacchi Na 1 year ago

U loved his physic too, that means his body. U did that willingly, u knew he didn't loved u. Coz u lost ur virginity and he's leaving u, You r confessing here.. Shameless.


Mj 1 year ago

Dear i can understand your situation but be with the person who really feels u r princess and loves you too.try to forgot the past and move on feeling very sad for those who really loves someone but they never value it.


Prince 1 year ago

I dont understand, what the girls think of themselves. You liked a guy. He was ur crush. You approached him. Became frnds with benefits. He never expressed love, nor he proposed u. He wanted sex and he was clear about it. Its completely ur mistake to think a lot. When the guy asked u sex, instead of marriage, Foolish are the girls, who are later trying to gain sympathy. I just Hate girls like u. Karte samay sochte nahi. Baad mai blame karte ho. Tumne sex kiya. Maze kiya. Accept that better than blaming


Enchantress 1 year ago

Been there.. trust me it's better and good for ur peace of mind to break off everything and completely stop talking to him..it will b difficult..but u can definitely do it..there's no other easy way out...


Rv 1 year ago

I don't know yeh chutiyapa krte kaise h....and the end mai blame krte h ki Hume toh pyaar tha


Sid 1 year ago

Well better late than never..its good atleast you realise that you are being used and thrown. As you said you get attracted to his physique so it is clear that it was lust and not love. The thing is why you allowed yourself to be used even after knowing that the person is not in love with you. Getting laid off is so easy now a days.whatever happend is the past now, forget it and move on don't keep any kind of contact with that guy. Be careful as it can happen after few days or month this guy may try to woo you again emotionally. Please don't get fooled second time. Life has so much good things to offer. Move on & concentrate on other good things in life.


Piyu 1 year ago

See don't feel bad now u too loved his physique not him it's OK nothing wrong u too enjoyed why u feeling lyk u r used he must have not forced u .Now u had what u wanted there is nothing left with this guy move on .stay happy :)


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