Love and lust and friends with benefits

My #SecretConfessed:
I love a guy a lot for 3 years. even he said he loved me too. n than denied it...
But he showed his love in actions.
Recently he got back with his ex due to his feelingof guilt for leaving a person. But he continues to luv me in actions...

I gt vexed n accepted a guy who wanted frds with benefits. I don't luv thz guy. but I lust fr him a lot n I give in to sexting him.
But I really luv my guy whom I spoke about...

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I dunno wat hpnd. I feel confused...
Help me.

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Sachin 3 months ago

If he is your friend or love then it's your responsibility you should talk to him and suggest him some advice. Because for boys, lust is not worse or not addiction he can control. If you really love him then he'll realize one day but you don't lose your modesty. I've more for you ..........................


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