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I'm a 21 years old girl. I've never dated any guy until I met one Muslim guy of 22. I'm Christian. Whenever I'm with him I always feel the connection, it makes me feel that there's nothing more I could wish for. I forgot the world when I look at us. We have just began our relationship. It started on our fourth date and that's where we had our first kiss and it means a lot to me. He says he's never been in a relationship too.

I once teased him that we had a barrier between us because of our differences in religion. He told me to trust him and, "When time comes we will face it together". It made me feel good. And this all conversation was done through texting. He called me only twice so far and that's happend because I asked him why hasn't he call me yet?! We only were texting. He just came with some excuse that he forgot or that my phone was busy when he called. Which I don't think so. This make me confused. I always have to wonder if he is really interested in me? He seems pretty interested in meeting up with me. But it's so sad that he never remembers to call me.

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I just don't understand. We have been contacting for last 5 months but still only two calls. Is that normal? If this continues I won't be happy with our relationship. So, guys please give me some suggestion whether continue with this relation or just leave it.
Sincerely me.

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nishant 1 year ago

Plz dont trust him blindly.


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