I dont want to marry her

My #SecretConfessed:
I had relation with a girl for 1.5 years, from starting i set my mind, "dont to marry her as she is from other caste", she also knew, but we were very close and we always chatted, talked by phone.

One sunday in every month we met personally in parks or go to cinema, museum etc.
I worked in a private sector but i had a dream for govt/psu job, then the time came when exam announced and i had a goal for that for 4 years and opportunity came.
Then i gave less time to her but gave some time everyday to her.
I also believed on her, she gave me her fb password and its also my mob no. I always think that girl lyk her may not be found in future for me.

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After my exam period I met her after 3 months and that meeting changed everything. I came to know that she is touch with another and also he called many times in front of me and she also talked with him.

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