Her choices and her feelings

My #SecretConfessed:
It's too hard to love someone who doesn't love you back.
Male, 22 yrs, reading in the final year of a professional course which offers lots of perks.

Actually I love a girl with all my heart, we know each other since class one. And then destiny took us on the separate path.
I went in a all boys hostel and we didn't see each other for few years. I used to miss her a lot and I completed my higher secondary in that school. And all the years the only girl about whom I kept thinking was she.

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Suddenly when I was in my first year of college we met via f*b. And I felt so happy on that day. And we talked for hours and hours.
One day as I proposed her she said that she has a bf. Over the few years she has blocked me many times but again unblocked me and we are always there for each other. Actually I'm little bit popular in my college, there are few girls who liked me and few still does. If I wish to be in a relationship I can go. But I never find attachment with any other girl nd I'm not interested on dm. I really love her a lot.

It's almost like silently loving the same girl since last 14 years. I really want to be with her but at the same time I don't wanna hurt her choices and feelings. I'm lost.

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