Nude photos of my own sister

My #SecretConfessed:
I am 26 male. My own sister is 24. She is very introvert from childhood, doesnt talk with friends also sometimes but very good girl since i know her mentality.

After her degree she used to go for training classes for job purpose. There she met one guy and they became friends and it went till physical relationship with my sister, but no love between them. These things i got to know completely when i checked her gmail recently. They used to chat in gmail not in WApp or some other media.
One thing I was shocked is she sent her nude breasts pictures... Unfortunately I saw those pictures.
As a brother I feel difficult to see her in that way.

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Later I questioned her personally in WApp. She agreed that she did mistake for some desires and told she didnt go for sex, just romance only happened and she pleaded to not reveal this secret and chat was ended. Now she wants to forget and doesnt want to make this mistake again. Only me and my sister know about this incident, my parents have strong belief on her compared to me that she never would make a mistake.

Now the problem is with my mind... After seeing, her naked pics are not going from my mind... I got lust feelings on her?
How to control this? I know this is not healthy becoz she is my own sister. But I used to imagine those pics, started jerking off every time... Please, give suggestions.

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ANONYMOUS 1 year ago

why the hell don't you have a gf.if you still don't have one you should make one.This way you are being saved from a incest desire.and you will find a person who can take care of you and your desires.For the record,the way you described this makes you a pathetic person.but you can change your thoughts over time and can be a better person who knows that life isn't always sex but other things are equally important too.And please stop mastur*** can never make yourself a better person doing this shit.and if somehow can't quit that energy to a sport or gym.


Helper 1 year ago

No, stop doing that, its not good thinking about you sister while you are doing it. Think about something else, be a good brother.


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