Lust or love

My #secretconfessed,
Hi everyone. My story is too short.
I have been in relation with that girl who is my colleague. We met 3 years ago in our office. We got physical after few months.

There is a lunch timing of 2 hours and everyone has option to go outside or stay in office during the lunch hours. We have taken a room on rent adjoining our building office. We have been continuously in relation for the last about 3 years. We hardly missed 3 or 4 day in a month when we don't have s**.

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Our relationship is good. We both are very friendly. But a problem is existing between us for the last about a month. She is getting more needy for s** day by day. If we are busy in off and doing work in lunch timing she used to fight with me for not going in the room. Sometimes i handled it. But most of the time she fights and said that "You don't need me". As such there is nothing like that. I love her. I really need her but sometimes it becomes very tough for me to handle her.

Pls guide me what has happened to her?

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Jerk 1 year ago

Sexual capacity & drive of a women is estimated by experts to be around 8 times that of a man... request her not to use all she got.


Meena 1 year ago

She loves u a lot by heart..She doesn't want to loose u..She doesn't want you to share by anyother one.She is over possessive.. Don't worry...Just marry her


Love guru 1 year ago

Bhai 2-4 logo ka contact no de de usko, ya uska apne kisi yaar dost ko


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