Am I really that bad?

My #SecretConfessed,
I’m in a very tough situation...I am 24 years old... I was in a relationship with a boy for 3 years...

In starting he used to show so much luv to me till 3 months of relation after that he started to ignore me, abusing me  for every little things he used to abuse me.. n even if it was not my mistake i used to apologize  every time...slowly slowly it got worst...he disrespects me, trying to let me down every time, his words getting dirty more n more, day by day... sometimes while arguments he used to beat me just for making himself ryt...mi used to love him a lot… he says that he loves me too but due to his anger it makes him do all this sh**t... i wanted to end all of this but bcoz of my weakness that i can’t be without him...I forced my relationship to continue.....n finally d points come hen when i was done... n i took brkup from him...

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Gaurav 2 years ago

move on if never had sex with him. If you had, youhave to continue. Tolerate, compromise, have patience. save your love.


Nadeem 2 years ago

relationshoip..relationship..relationship why people run for relationship , just cant understand. you are now 24, go get a married with someone. bcoz relationship alwys hurts. dont focus on what others are thinking about you, ask your self what you want?


Allena Jones 2 years ago

Ur english is such a bullshit ,which could be the reason behind ur love story ...


ALFRED HIRXH 2 years ago



Lucifer Queen 2 years ago

Gal.... Let me short my story for u... After my first love gone bad ... After 2 months again I fell for another guy which lasted for 2 3 weeks coz I couldn't get over my ex... After dat I have been in many relation which never lasted more den a month... All thru dis I was hopelessly searching for love (to b precise I had been in 5 relation)... After dat I stopped searching .... Den few months later I met this stranger on Fb ... V used to chat ... Den exchanged nmbrs .... Den dos late night calls .... He studies in MP .... In between all dis u developd feelings for him nd so did he ... Wen he returnd to his home in here ..v met for the 1st tym .... I had so waited for long to confirm our feeling ...... U know Wat dey say ... Wen v meet our soulmate dere is a zing between dem.... Well I have witnessed dat zing ...... Between him nd me .... Now he is my fiance ..... He knows my past ... Nd he says I am the best thing he has ever got ... One of my ex even tried to break us apart by sending dos pic of mine wit him .. But my hubbies feeling for me never changed dear ... Wen u will get the 1 he will not judge ur past ... Nd u r no character loose coz u didn't stand on roads for sale of ur bodies to boys ... U just was searching for love .....ignore Wat other says .... The one who loves u will see ur inner soul dat is untouched nd so pure ... If u r reading dis .... I just want u to know ... U r strong to b still alive ... I have known some of dem who couldn't survive ... Love u ..(even though m not lesbian)


anurag.. 2 years ago

U r awsm.. :) #lucifer


Garima 2 years ago

Dear..... I'm also a 24 years old girl. You are not bad darling I can understand your situation and your feelings but u need to become a little selfish . Trust me u will be happiest . You are too good to think about a jerk like him . Better stop thinking about them and move on with ur life . It will take time but trust me u will and u need to love ur self and realise ur worth. Be your favourite then such situations won't arise dear. U deserve so much love .


Monal Mehta 2 years ago

Why do you even need to think if u are bad? Just because of those 2 people, don't you think you should focus on your ownself? Your job,work,family,siblings, your ownself, no? Eat healthy, follow your passion, love your work, do what feeds your soul-that can be simply buying a food packet to the hungry and poor, no?I'm sure,yes! Only when you are happy alone, that's when you will know who is the right person to share your life with,only then you will even want to share your life with,not before that..I'm sure. Okay to what you said- i know it's difficult to not let such thoughts ruin you, even when you know they're ruining your mind and u don't want that,it's difficult; but wait.. nobody told you life was gonna be this way? :p And my dear girl, itssss allll innn theeeee minnnddd;) buck up, trust me life is more than feeeling bad about yourself because of those two people!! Take care:)


Myron 2 years ago

No you aren't wrong. See the clear picture of both the guys, they truly don't deserve you. Stop crying over guys, there is a huge life ahead of you. Live your life and the right guy will come to you eventually. Take care of your emotions as it got the better of you. Don't do the same mistake of going back again to any of those guys. Learn your lesson and live your life in that manner. People will always put you down and those guys are just clearing their guilt. Forgive them and make peace within yourself and you will get your life back.


Abhishek sharma 2 years ago

You just met two wrong persons, and some misunderstandings. Just tell yourself, that you're fortunate to see the other face soon. Maybe you did wrong in his view by giving up on the relation and moving on, or the other way. Maybe you did right in your view, coz no one knows what's going inside you and everyone has the right to be happy. Everything is wrong, and everything is right. It just depends on your perspective. Just make sure to make peace with yourself to be haapy coz you have the right and you deserve it. There's a long life ahead. God bless you.


Anil 2 years ago

Mam first thing u r not a bad girl, both of guys are don't know what u want ??? U want just be happy. Ek simple si cheej koi b Samjhna nhi chahta ki Aap bs sukoon se khush rahna chahti ho. Pahle kisi ko gaali do use maaro then say sorry . it is wrong. Just leave both of guys. Un dono ko dekhkar bs Aapko apna dard dikhega. Just focus on your happiness and your carrier. Don't look what people think about you. Just forgot all rubbish things and be real girl , be honest yourself . think what u want .


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