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Hi, I am 26yrs old boy. I was in a relationship for about 5years.
I had oral sex with her but not intercourse.
At this moment she has got propsal from her senior. She didnt told me that, later she accepted him and then the problem started...

She avoided me too much.
I begged her a lot to marry me but she wasn'tĀ convinced.

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Later, one day she broke up with me... I was fully depressed.
Now she had sex with him and both r in deep love.

Later that guy said that he is not marrying her as his parents wont accept and they r feeling sick. He wants to take care of them. He is not ready to escape with her also. She convinced him a lot but he is the same.
Now she called me, after almost one year that she did very big mistake as she didnt accepted me and i was sad for the sake of her. She cried saying all these.

Now i am not getting what to do. Please help me.

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wellwisher 1 year ago

Don't forgive. .. what if that boy comes back and says that he is ready to marry her... she will again leave you... and in the end you will be the one who will suffer. . Tell her you have moved on... and do move on please for your better future. .. all the best


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