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My #secretconfessed,
It's a funny age to live in. I see around myself and all I see is shallowness. I'm talking about modern relationships. It's happened with me plenty of times. The girl shows interest in you in the simplest of sense- she likes talking to you, she likes hanging out with you, she likes you as a person, your jokes make her laugh.

And yet when you go tell her that you like her what does she reply? "You're my good friend", "I see you as a friend".
How many have experienced this? Doesn't it baffle you to hear this from the girl? It sure as hell baffles me.
You guys hang out... see each other for weeks. Talk and chat on the phone for hours and hours. Tell each other your lil secrets and about your life. And then all you get to hear is that you're a good friend.

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I'm a sincere guy. I value long term relationships a lot. I'm not the kind of person who would go in a relationship knowing that it's gonna be a fling and not a serious one. I've been through these quite a few times. Obviously it does hurt. Sometimes more than the previous ones but then what I've noticed is that these small bruises have made me a stronger person than what I was an year back. I had a very serious relationship in college. Lasted 4 years.

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Veena 1 year ago

Hii..the same goes for boys too..they also dont value true feelings..i m not defending anyone..i m just saying..people hav stopped valuing true feelings..even i m waiting for someone who knows the value of love n affection..if someone still exists..


Gogeta 1 year ago

dude my girlfriend ditched me after a year long relationship and i literally begged her to give me the reason, all she said was it happened... only god knows what happened to her. and here i am trying hard to get over her but still i love her which i can never stop. may be you are right true feelings are just a hoax these days!


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