Mom, take a rest now...

My #secretconfessed,
Hi m/3. I just want to share my problems with you, it was in my heart from so many days. From childhood, I have seen my mom struggling so much to make me a good person but I have never ever given any importance to my Mom Words.

My Mom and dad are very poor and they are uneducated, they don't have sufficient money to educate me, but looking at other people's children my Mom wanted me to be educated so that in future I will not struggle as my mom is struggling for me, she has been working in bungalows not in 1 or 2 but in a day 4-5 place and whole day she is supposed to do work and did all kind of jobs only to educate me, and that time my mom was alone who was working for me and for my sister, My dad was a drunkard person, he only focused on is his life, he never supported my mom.

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Being alone, she worked whole life only for my future, but I never understood her pain which she was going through.. when I was 20 I was in love with a girl and for her, I left all my studies and was damn crazy for her. 

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ketan 1 year ago

yes bro . its not too late . start working hard . focus on your work . No matter whether its a small job or big . give full dedication to work . Stay away from girls .by doing this i m sure one day u will make your parents proud . and if possible start distance education and study along with your work .


Leo 1 year ago

Its not too late ... Start with any kind of work u get ... Give it your full dedication .. If u want her to take rest ... Take her position... Do whatever u can do I repeat WHATEVER .... U still have time


Shezan 1 year ago

What do u think about u r mom in this age


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