Mujhe sirf paise chahiye the aur kuch nhin

My #SecretConfessed:
Hello, everyone happy new year in advance! Lets roll to my story, I'm a 26 yrs old guy, I  had more than 16relationships in my life.
Recently, it's been around a month in touch with her. She is 19+ and she is in relationship with a guy of 33 yrs old who is a lecturer by profession and was nothing at all till now.

Well i would like to say something more about this sweet girl. She is so cute that i cant express through words. Her eyes which can hypnotize anyone, her cheeks, her face structure is just too cute.
Now lets get to d point. I got her numbr from someone and we came to know through WApp, we use to chat whole day n night.

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Before I'll tell you my story I would like to confess something.

My intention towards her is just to grab some money from her as she belongs to quite hifi family as I have mentioned earlier that i had more thn 16 relations is just to get money from those girls and yeah i never did anything wrong to all those girls. I got so many chances but dint even took a kiss from them bcoz i dnt have right to spoil them kyuki mujhe sirf paise chahiye the aur kuch nhin.

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Jerk 1 year ago

You sound like a shit... paise chahiye to bsdk kamana Sikh... pleasure chahiye to ladki pata...


Harshit 1 year ago

Do what can improve your condition.Those who love should get punishment.Like All of get hurt when we love


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