My bestie wanted to have s*x with my husband

My #secretconfessed,
In my class 7 I saw a guy when I went to interschool competition, the moment I saw him - I liked him. So only to see him and be friends with him.

The next year I joined the school where he studied. I became friends with a girl sitting next to me and within days we were close and inseparable. We attended same cocurricular activity and there he was.
My crush.

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My friend introduced him as her friend, he was our senior and he was a bit shy so we didn't have a conversation. After that I love him secretly for 2 whole years. Meanwhile my friend was in love with one of our class mate and it all went well.
I decided to propose my crush after those two years in my class 9th end, but the same day he proposed my bestie in front of me and I was broken.

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tttt 1 year ago

u r worried for no reason. U r married. u know the past, U love him, u r happy, what r u worried about? Parents are happy as long as u r happy. Nobody cares about a third person. She s not ur frd, forget that thought.


Sourav 1 year ago

She is not your friend..if she will tell sth to your parents prove her wrong..bcoz she is...


Panky 1 year ago

Just slap ur bestie and ask her to stop acting nasty... also slap urself for letting ur bestie act like a nasty and still considering his ur bestie...if u know what i mean


Anonim 1 year ago

he is nice guy, dump ur so called bestie. by the way, she dont consider u as her bestie. she is simply after her ego


nishant 2 years ago

You need to confess this to your parents and convinience them.


raj 2 years ago

don't be afraid ,show her that u r brave enough ,tell ur man everything what she is thinking of and yes one more thing she is not ur best friend caz if she is she has to respect u ,she is just playing with ur mind ,in the end "log apne dukh se itne dukhi ni hote jitne dusre ki kushi dekh k hote h"


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