My ex is following me

My #secretconfessed,
My ex-girlfriend just started following me on my social site. She is married. But I am not married.

I'm feeling like I want to laugh at her. I just want to know how to react. I don't want 2 c her. But want to laugh...

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How should I write it down on my timeline that am laughing at her.
And don't care about her now.


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Sana 1 year ago

Write in your wall. Past is past so the people in it. And then use hash tag and write #idontcare


bazigar 2 years ago

No, no need to understand the situation here, u are not her husband, for every problem there is a man which she calls Pati dev. If you feel like doing something then put many laughing smily on your timeline and after 3-4 days block her, WITHOUT SAYING ANYTHING. Just block or unfollow her. There is nothing u can do and need not have to do. Let karma handle everything.


Manmit 2 years ago

Just talk to her once and listen her property then decide and laugh on her if u want. First you need to understand what is the situation she is facing then decide.


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