My father is having a love affair

Hello, we are family of 4 people (father mother younger sis and me). I'm 25 year old, just finished my post graduate, still no job, searching for it. My father is an central govt employee, he's having day shift and night shift duties regularly. My mother is very kind and house wife, sister final year engineering. Recently i got to know that my father is maintaining illegal affair with some x lady (still don't know who is that x person). From past 3 months he is not staying in home at night times .

Everytime he used to go duties night time regularly. Myself i got doubt why my father is going regularly. So i started observing my father... he used to tell me I am going for duty, i will come in the morning... Then i started to track his mobile via GPS where he is going ... everyday night the gps shows only at 1 location... and in the morning he will come back home... i searched his mobile one day..... he has searched porn in his mobile but he didnt know how to delete history of browser...

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Secret advisor 1 year ago

Forget or ignore which shouldn't effect your life which is difficult. Try to get a job and for your sister


Jolly 1 year ago

It happens Love is blind Love does not see she colour caste religion etc U can not do anything If you try, you will ruin peace of your home.. I suggest Let it go, He would be happier if all of you start spending time together so that his bond with family becomes stronger... Now you decide....


Robin 2 years ago

v difficult situation can't make any suggestions as decision will affect in a big way. Decision is yours. Will pray for you. Hope you are able to decide.


Jitu 2 years ago

Jo ho rha ha hone de iss umar main bhut se relation samj nhi aate hum jese young ko aur agar tune evidence le bi liye vo kbi mhi manenge jb tk ted handed na pakad lete


sayani 2 years ago

i was so confused reading your confession and had no idea what to say. discussed it with my mother even. after having a long discussion this is what i can tell you.. 1. first please be sure that your father is actually having an affair or else the consequence can be very dangerous. 2. next if you are positive try to get some proof.. 3. get a job as soon as possible. 4. i would recommend you to confront your father.. but only if you are sure. 5. i want you to tell your mother but you don't want that and that's what my mom suggested too. 6. well this is where it gets complicated. if your father do not want to come back from that destructive path, you have to tell your mom and sis. you can't hide it from them. it doesn't feel right. and let your mother decide what the next step will be. 7. now considering your father is guilty and wants to do things right.. if that happens one thing i can tell you is you will never be able respect your father ever again. and also make him tell your mother soon. secrets have its own way of coming out if it is suppressed much longer. All this points are only applicable if your father is actually having an extramarital affair.


Rohi 2 years ago

sayani, nothing more to say, respect to u!


Aksh 2 years ago

If he is really guilty, u shouldn't be afraid to talk to him..


Greg 2 years ago

You have to find strong evidence that your father is cheating on your mom. Then go and talk to him


Abish 2 years ago

Dont talk abt it wid ur mom or sis if u r not 100 sure ur father s cheating on ur mom..


ryan 2 years ago

I would talk to him if i were you..


Son 2 years ago

Yeah, u should definitely talk to him


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