My first kiss

My first kiss

My #SecretConfessed:
M a 17 yrs old girl who ws born n bought up in delhi. Being a typical delhi girl i had a frank yet bold nature. V shifted to bangalore 3 yrs back. I had being always a gossip topic for my batch mates and collegemate.

The usual guys used to approach me for friendship and love stuff. I had boyfriends but couldn't just get that serious kinda feel. It's my first year for B.A, 1st semester isn't over yet and i am already got many proposals. I had many male friends.

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One day i met this guy. His friend n my best friend liked each other and through them v met. I kinda ignored him in starting but slowly as he was interested i got into friendship with him. Never noticed him around in college but one day v both were late and directly went and sat near canteen. He came and started talking while i looked into his eyes, those deep brown eyes. I couldn't just stop myself staring at him.


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Aps 2 years ago

Wth time evrythng will b fine.... u need sum tym.. i know you cnt frget him bt u wnt feel bad either... tke cre... may be god has plnnd sumthng else fr u..


Sunil S 2 years ago

Just Chill dear, It's not big deal to forget him. Life's work gives us memories. So, that was you good time/moment with him. You can never forget him. Beacuse, may be It would be your First love. You kissed him, It's okay. Sometimes it's happens in relationship. Don't blame on yourself, Kissing is first thing in good relationship. Only, A kiss tells us how much we closed to each other. Beacuse, that time words may be silent.


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