My girlfriend got married... but not to me

My #SecretConfessed:
I am writing this, because right know i am totally broken, and unable to find the way out of this. Actually....
I loved a girl when i was in college, and we both loved each other so much, she loved me so much that she have done everything to me in college four years.

I was very famous in my college because of my reputation. Many hates me in the college because i don't like morons, or loosers, though i was in engineering studies so we had a very hard time in college last years. She loved me, but i belong to singh community and she belongs to odiya community, and there starts the problem.

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At the end of our 3rd year she went home and promising me to return back with lots of love, but at the starting of 7th semester she returned with different mood, she started ignoring me, even she loved me a lot. We met many times in college, but she started to show me as she had no care for me, but i tried to manage, whenever and everything as things got ok. She went for home trip and the situation aries as it was, but still everything was ok. 

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Priya 1 year ago

Please don't destroy yourself for specific something or someone. Take your time. Time will cure all things.


Bhawana 1 year ago

Don't loose hope. U will find someone who appreciates u . Don't change your future plans .u worked hard for them .wait for right person


Mike 1 year ago

Bro....even I am going through the same now. Its like you wanna move on but you cant and you feel like you are stuck and and entangled in something from which you cant get free. My girlfriend found someone else and dumped me without even talking to me.


Sk 1 year ago

Actually girls love them who hurt and insult them, left them alone and they left them who loves them...I know it's very difficult but no other option...I wish God make you strong enough to handle this


Pooja 2 years ago

Hi.. I can completely understand your situation.. u are a very strong person.. and u know what is gud and bad.. just give a pause for everything.. I personally beg you., please please do not make drinking and smoking a habit..both will make you weak n weaker.. Oh dear please.. I can't even imagine a person like you in the hands of those rubbish things.. One thing, what ever happens, it definitely has a reason.. trust me it is a very strong reason.. Please sweet heart.. don't get addicted to those killers... I pray to the almighty to change ur mind and make youmore stronger.. Concentrate on your work even more.. definitely there is a big surprise for you from God sooner.. Pls stay strong honey... May God be with you...


Rayees 2 years ago

girls r always selfish my dear bro this is with every 3rd boy in this world


Niranjan 1 year ago

Bro dont do anything for your loved ones because we guys will do tat with so much of love... but they will hurt us by telling tat " y r u doing these things and u will blame me atlast tat i lost my life because of u. If we say " I love u" they will tell us tat " so are you saying tat i dont love u?"


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