My hubby can't satisfy me in bed

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I am a married woman from last 6 years, I have a kid too. I just got married at 16 years of my age.. it's an arrangd marriage and my hubby was 26 at that time. I have never been satisfied from the begining with my marriage, I always wanted love marriage, but i didn't ever get that chance, but before 3 years I met a guy on fb.

In the beginning he was only my friend who knew that I'm married but nevertheless he proposed me. But always rejected him and I decided to stay away from him. But at that time I got to know that I'm addicted to him and I cant live without him (chats). After some time I too confessed that I'm in love with him too... He always wanted to meet me but I always refused. We didn't ever meet till now.. We had a great bonding, he made me smile always but now he wanted to meet me and he wants sex, he wants me and we had a sex chat too (yesterday) this is the first time we did this. I'm happy but I'm guilty too.. I am always not satisfied by my hubby in bed, but he loves me a lot, he cares about me, takes care of me but not sexually.

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Now I'm confused, is this right to have sex with that guy to satisfy my needs.. somewhere I too wanted to feel completely satisfied in bed.. what can I do now? So confused...

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female 1 year ago

This is old so you might not see this. But I want you to know that you should not feel bad about you frustration. It is very common and its very scary to think that you should live 40-50 years of your life without being able to be sexually satisfied because a man set our rules that women can only feel certain things. There is no good answer to your dilemma to be honest. You can talk to your man and try to teach him but a man who is not good sometimes just stay not good. I know, I've been there. You can try toys and masturbation which is ok...but it doesn't give you the satisfaction of being with a man. If the an you are with takes care of you then you have to make a judgement call...either you satisfy yourself, stay unhappy or cheat....


Kaushik 1 year ago

Go for mastrubate then still you want in real then society is full opportunity. Most of male for crave for sex or lust


Ashok Jaiswal 1 year ago

You have taken the porns to your head. They hype things. Stop fantisizing sex.


ihateselfishmen 1 year ago

That's a dumb comment and a male sexist one...its not just in yoru head dummy...its real and women should be allowed to be satisfied...what a small minded dumb and selfish thing to say. You probably don't care what your wife or woman feels in just ram it in her, cum and go to bed..lazy


It's complicated 1 year ago

Well if you and your bf really genuinely love each other then you hv to come for a solution n b in any one relations .. You are in a married life with someone and you think he is not able to satisfy you .. but what about him ? Does he ? So ask him what he thinks about you ? What he is doing with his desires . Also marriage is a relationship not based of sex , it's about family your social security financial security kids security .. so husband takes care of everything .. is your bf capable enough to give you all dis ? So talk to your husband about it and find out what he can do about your desires .. you hv to choose one relation. Otherwise when your bf get married and he involved with anybody else you will b lost on his memories ... N can lead to.depression ... Think


Jerk 1 year ago

Have u tried to find out what exactly is the problem with him?


pavan 1 year ago

First u have to tell this with ur hubby ND find a solution don't be hesitated to tell ur hubby that Im not satisfied with u on bed. Discuss about problem and u will definitely find the solution d avoid that guy. .boys always use the word love jus for sex only for this they can do anything


dreadpr 1 year ago

love and sex are 2 different things love is something which comes from inside ..something which can be explained...(chemical locha) but but but ... sex is bodily need ....and yes satisfaction is what a person seeks in go for it ... never regret for ur deeds...... it good till u get caught .......njoy


blank 1 year ago

Well,there're already good comments down here and they explained the same thing I would say too. Anyway, I suggest get divorce if you prefer your pleasure of flesh. Don't cheat . Or talk to him , better you take control and initiate things. Bluntly telling your husband that he is not satisfying you in bed may hurt his ego. No man likes to hear that. Even it may ruin your marriage so the way you bring it up is all that matters. Try to attract him by wearing sexy cloths or teasing him and things like that. Most of the men love it and it will certainly add up some spice in your life. Think and make a wise decision whether you wanna be with your hubby or not. If not get divorce and then you'll have endless option to satisfy your lust


Sai Pranitha 1 year ago

I felt same issues. I slept with this guy who wanted me to have sex and also marry. Told him i am married and can hav only sex die to desire and unsatisfaction in bed with my husband. You can call or text me at 9989843650


Rohanintown 1 year ago

People in our society forget for a relationship mental & physical need both need to be taken care off otherwise the relationship won't last. Sometimes for the greater good you have to do something which is not considered right by society & people. But in the end it's individual life and he or she needs to own up to it.


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