My husband got my niece pregnant...

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I'm a married woman age 35 . Having 2 kids... From the last 6 yrs my hubby involved in an extra marital affair with one of my niece. Can u believe? Yes, with my real niece. Who tie rakhi to my sons.

Well it was a disaster for me when i came to know about their relationship, but then at that time i was too weak for taking any step against him as my father expired and i have no bro. Only my mom and 2 elder sisters. So i took it as my destiny nd tried to tolerate. In between i demanded divorce also bt he was not ready. He always convinced me tht he loved me nd thts involvment in affair was a big mistake. My hubby took a flat for her nd she lived there for 3 yrs. After then she bcame pregnant nd i was informed so late abt it. So tht no abortion was possible. In her 9th mnth my hubby took her into my home. With his family nd separated my kitchen as my in laws r alwys against me. Due to our love marriage. To hell with the love.

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So from last 2 nd half years she is here. In my home nd i alwys cried, cried nd cried. My hubby spend one night with us nd another nyt with her. It was horrible. Then to divert my mind i started doing online business nd it was a boon for me. My day passed in seconds. I hardly got time for meals. 8 mnths passed quickly nd then i bcum frnd with one of my collegaue. With whom i was normally dealing earlier also bt we never exchanged personal thoughts. He was 8 yrs younger than me bt still we bcum very gud frnds in jst 2 mnths or we can say he was more than a frnd for me.

Every mrning start with his gd mrning msg nd day end at his gd nyt msg. Business deals as usual going on with him. So we were in touch almost full day. He was jst like my soul mate. I shared each nd everything with him.


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Horizon 1 year ago

Leave him and start a new life.Do things that make you happy...financially do try out some stuff. You may take some job also.


Go to police and fuck that suar 1 year ago

Dont let him go free..


Hi 2 years ago

Take someaction ma 'amhw can u let him co trol ur life?arrange some frnds to get u a home.file a fir..leave his house..n ull be able to raise ur kids just step at a time..just do it.


Anonymous 2 years ago

Call the police


Anshul 2 years ago

If he took Ur phone deleted contacts n all n wind up Ur business n all.. Then how u accessing Ur internet now? Anyhow u should lodge a complaint against him n ask for divorce.


Ab 2 years ago

I belive that u must file a poilce complaint against him and ask for divorce asap. And start ur business again.


Vabs 2 years ago

KICK HIS ASS ASAP.File case against him and kick ur niece also as second marriage or illegal relation are against law and unconstitutional too. You can file FIR for harassment and domestic violence too.And even after getting divorce you will liable to get monthly amount from ur husband.better start your business and get new accommodation with ur kids.Your kids are liable to get property share also from your I laws. Get police protection if needed.


anonymous 2 years ago

please use choro mat, aakhir wo khuli saas bhi kyo le pa raha hai itne paap karne ke baad. use arrrest karwa do yar wo tumhare layak nahi hai.


G 2 years ago

Everything is clear, You know what to do... Don't think, just do it You are already very late


Vikash 2 years ago

Jst leave him right now, shift somewhere and start some job. Proceed with divorce formalities bcz it will bcz more painful 4 u as well 4 Ur children when you will become some old. Also, he is hidding his deeds behind you. Well you hve remaing some strength now to start a job. So, don't be late. And you also hv proof n reason for divorce. Go through the law, you are liable for police protection in case he hurt or harm you.


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