My love of life has a problem with my salary

My #secretconfessed,
This is about a girl who just used my love and doesn't bother. The one who was behind me like anything, we were crazily falling in love and everything seemed to work out. Our sync was something which we always spoke about.

This went on well and yes, I believed that finally I am in love with a person who is a perfect fit. We wanted to take our relationship to next level and spoke to our parents as well.
I went and met her parents over a brunch and they seem to have a problem with my salary. I am a coder and I make sufficient money for living.

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I spoke to my girl and everything changed within a week. All the love she had for me was gone in a minute, my love of life has problem with my salary and feels that this wouldn't work out.
I earn 50k per month and all she wanted bigger than this. She said this wouldn't work out and her parents r not gonna agree to this!

What do you guys think about it??

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