My new bf loves me and I still miss my ex...

My #SecretConfessed:
I'm the one who never belives in relationships or trust anyone after my dad's death... I'm not in a condition to trust anyone or dont wanna meet new ppl too bt after 2 yrs of it i met a guy on social media... he was the one who cared for me as my dad did...

We used to chat whole day and then talking to him becomes my habit after 3 mnths of frndshp we went in a relationship...
It was all going good he was the one i wanted to marry bt within 6 mnths I used to know that he is in another rlnshp for one year and he used to tattoo tht gurls name on his hand...
then also I trusted him nt my besties thn after a mnth he proposed one of my frnd then also I trusted him nt my frnd... after this all sorted n within 3 weeks he kissed a gurl... I ignored that also thn his brthday i have decided to give him a surprise... bt he was bzy with a new surprise for me that is he is in a new rlnshp with my ex bst frnd without breaking up with me...
when i used to know that i tried to take my life i had eten sleeping pills bt my mum saved me at a time she came...
then i decided to move on bt cnt... he again came back n i accepted him again... he cheated n my bst frnd adviced me to move on...

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I did that. i have moved on now with a guy who loves me for no reason... he cares bt i still miss my ex... now what?
I'm confused what to do now...

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Amit Bansal 2 years ago

Aap confuse hi rahoge hamesha. Ha pyar kabhi Marta nahi but bahut kuch sikha jata h or jo aapne sikha h AAP usko bhi ignore kr rahe ho.


yash 2 years ago

you are a looser


Sukhbir 2 years ago

Ladkiyo ki yeh main problem hai jo ladka inki respect krta hai inke sath loyal rehta hai unke sath kabhi relationship mein nhi aati aur jo thug bnda jinki kayi gf hoti hai usse hi like krti hai...... Aur abh aap dekho us ladke ne aapko kitna rulaya cheat kiya. Still u miss him wtf yr


swati 2 years ago

how many people u lost cz of ur ex.. ? (just thnk abut that)..he just made u miserable..u was not happy.. n remember "once a cheater always a cheater".. whn u were in reltn, he cheated u like 1000's of time..n evn after ur patchup he cheated again. he was not good for u gal..!! n remeber never will be...!! n see there is a boy who loves u ..cares abut u.. so stuck wid him..!! ur life will be gud..!!


sunil 2 years ago

you should move on.... and remember u have some responsibilities for the second boy who cares for you. ... just think what is the fault of that second boy.... why u r giving him punishment for nothing


harsh 2 years ago

Believ me after all the things, u will end up with second person nd the reason will be u can't forget first one. Just remember if the second person loves u after all these things u should know what to do. But after all u r a girl. U sucks


Bhargav 2 years ago

1) true love can never be Forgotten 2) second love is like a medicine to heal the wounds caused by your first love . Speak about your past to your present guy . If he loves you truly, your past doesn't affect his feelings for you . Coming to you , one cannot forget past . It stays with you . That's okay until it ruins your present happiness . Just go for the one who cares for you . You both together can overcome your past wounds.


Abhu 2 years ago

Its ok m in the same situation..frgetting him is nt possible even i cnt..he did so wrong to me.i tried to move on bt cnt


oye 2 years ago

Why r u waiting for someone u cheated u so much ........u should move on or if u want to stop missing your ex then go n confront him simple as that.... You may go for it


gul 2 years ago

Girl, don't waste your time on thinking about your ex.. he's not worth your love..make your new bf feel you care and give your new love a try


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