My wife can't satisfy me.

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Doctor 1 year ago

Hey man, Sorry to hear abt ur life. But I suggest, why dont u chat openly with ur wife. Try to ask her what is her problem? Every person has some sort of problems. Help her to come out of them. If she is really well not interested, it is better take this matter to fmly and get mutually divorced. In India, Marriage is a contract of sex between man and woman. If ur wife is showing no interest, u both can file for mutual divorce. Lekin before that, remember... Wife is a human, a girl... Uske bhi feelings hote hai. Take her for outing. Go for holiday. Spend time with her. Sex is intimacy. It should have romance and love. I guess, u r bt giving her the love which she needs. So, best method is you both have to open up. Sex se pehle, understand her.


Abc 1 year ago

OK for a change why don't you tell her what you want then maybe she will understand and try to act accordingly


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