My wife on s*x chat

My #secretconfessed,
I'm happy married man untill I got to know about my wife's affair of friendship, don't know what to name that. She is my world and for her, I'm her world. But what about this guy? My wife is a very good girl. She suffered a lot for the sake of our marriage. 

Now also she is loyal to me (sexually). But few days back I got to know that she has a friend on FB. He is not only just a friend, he is more than that to her. When I read all their texts, I got to know that they both love each other and they are in s** chat. But they both didn't meet yet. I know that my wife loves me a lot but she is doing this.

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I don't know how to question her about all this.

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Xxxx 7 months ago

Just talk to her


Ishi 1 year ago

No worries she will have sex when they will get time. Or you go on leave for some time


Mohit 2 years ago

Loyalty is not only for one side.... You should start chatting with other women and feel the heat of your wife about you... Love is more important than sex.


Bikram 2 years ago

She is not getting sexually mentally which she expect from u.... Just give her what pleasure that guy is giving to her. U read her chat..... Already.... U come to know what she wants..... Give that..... :-) Won her instead other creepy person plays with her head....!!!! Be a guy for ur wife!!!!


Robin 2 years ago

dear it is very common these days, sati savitri housewives/working (mostly housewives), do sex chat with strangers. But this happens with fake facebook profiles, like I have a fake facebook profile and I used to have sex chat with ladies and girls. It is a little alarming that she is doing sex chat on her real profile. If it is so then try to find something about the guy, if she is already knowing him from before or is a random guy and ur wife is little stupid to start doing with her real profile. If she is not stupid and may be she is knowing that guy, then u have to be careful. If she has been just hit by a random guy and she started having sex chat with him, then I will tell you married ladies crave for sex adventrous sex like forced sex, bdsm etc. 50 shades of grey have made the ladies go mad. I chat (have chatted) with ladies (also voice chat), who openly admit themselves as sati savitri to everyone and behaves as slut on their secret facebook profile with random guys. They wish to do sex with other guys also and they tell about their present sex life with hubby and also about their past. I chatted with a girl, who was having relationship with her bf for more than 6 years and they use to have sex like once in a month or little less frequent, but she craves for more sex which her bf could not, she use to do phonesex with me and other guys too. Dear friend, India is chaging, girls want to go out of theri Sati Savitri tag.


Trust 2 years ago

If u trust her first thing is....... Let it be cuz u checked it.


Chandrasekhar 2 years ago

Please don't doubt her give her time


Anonim 2 years ago

improve your sx life, talk openly to her about sex and life. Add enthusiasm to your life. make marry. stop her back to ur life before she crosses limits. forgive her for this as she was loyal to u . talk to her mildly.


a 2 years ago

did u just said she loves u and u r her world.... wake up


mr loyal 2 years ago

u say that she does sex chat with someone else, it may be not illegal but its immoral, know the difference!! She is a parasite, she is with you for your money. Kind of happened to me like this :( Throw her out of your life or you will suffer.!!!


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