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My #secretconfessed,
I am a guy, aged 24. At the age of 17 I used to like a girl. Just it was a fatal attachment. Some time later things happened between us and we started dating. It was all good at the start.

We were kids back then. So there was no feeling of love at the start. As the days passed I kept falling for her every day. As I grew up, I was realising that what tickles your heart to pound is love. I was falling for her. But she never fell for me. No matter after 2 years of togetherness. She still couldn't say that she loves me.

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So I started being low-key about this thing. Days were passing. I was waiting for her to come up and tell me. She never did. In between there came another girl, she started doing things for me. Eventually I, a mere human cannot withstand the sign of kindness, so I fell for her. Good thing, she fell for me too. We confessed.

But I was scared to tell her about the other relationship. I still had that girl in my life. I eventually broke contacts with that girl and I went on to being with this girl.

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