No, I'm not lusty!

My #SecretConfessed:
I am a married man, 38 years old. We had a love marriage at a very young age and I'm blessed with son.
I have always been very ambitious n focused at everythng i do or i did. Loved challenges n aftr sevral years of hard strifes n strom struggles i felt that evrythng is going smooth in life n was almst livng a happy peaceful life when destiny turned its wheels.

It was some 3 years ago dat a girl stepped into my life. She is soft, tender n cute, one cant has lusty eyes on her innocence (or atleast i can't). She was running in her wild youthful 18s n i? Hahaha 20 yrs senior married person!!

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C liked me first. I was least botherd n joked it away as her immaturity... Bt c was constant, n continued to fetch me with all the love n care one can ever dream of!! U cant smply disagree that we r dry thirsty for love n go running to gt its few drops evn!! I was no different... Bt i loved my family more. So i chose to ignore her attempts. I smply ignored her n behaved rude, bt her efforts were constant. Her actions were attractive, bt she nver used words to tell me directly. N actions evntualy made melt lil by lil... I tried my best still to remain stuckd to my principles bt her innocence confidnce talents charms n sooo much love for me made me weaker day by day... I felt worthy n alive around her, some kind of vibes worked!!

One day i couldnt kip my mind on track, i leand for somthng n she came too close... I just grabbed her n... we kissed... we smooched... n what not!!! 😞

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