Now I can't trust him anymore

My #SecretConfessed:
Hi, I m 22 yrs old girl, I am in 3rd year b. Tech. When I was in 1 st yr, a guy named Anupam, he loved me. I never got to know as he was shy. Eventually the whole college knew except me, at that time I was recovering from my breakup (it was a abusive relationship).

I did lost faith in love, and during that 2nd yr our mutual friends helped him. Just like any other relationship, it started with a friend request in fb.
Slowly I fell for him. After 3 months into relationship with him, I got to know he was dominating and had anger issues.

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He belonged from one of an influential family in north east. Now he had powers, he never misused.
Fast forward whenever I wanted to break ties with him becos of his abusive words and hitting me when he was angry, he blackmailed.

First it was emotional, then suicidal and when that didn't work he gave me dead threats. I always knew he loved me to the end so I never broke up even though I was upset with his anger issues.
He helped me in many ways.

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