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I have a girfriend for last 6 months. At first i didn't know that she had a boyfriend for last 2 yrs. She never said it to me...

We were talking as normal. Auddenly 1 day i was shocked to hear that she was in realation wid another guy at the same tym. She have gone under several phisical activities wid that guy.
When i asked her about all she was not confessing first but later on i was told the whole story.
I'm being a football player was not able to talk or meet wid her at evening tym so she took the advantage and was going to meet wid him.

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She has broken my trust for many times but i really love her.

Some days before that guy was uploading nude pics of that girl.

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Anonim 1 year ago

If you are asking this even after all these then you're really a fool


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