He had a bet with one of my friends to be in a relationship with me

My #secretconfessed,
Year ago, I met a guy in college during my 12th standard. We were in the same class as our sections merged that year. He came closer to my close friends (male as well as female) and hint them he has a stong feelings for me but was afraid to confess and acted like a shy guy.

He came closer and closer to my friend circle and atlast was successful in making friendship with me (i am introverted i dont open up to people easily). He used to play with me every time like stoling my pen and all did everything to make me fall for him and eventually it worked. I started liking him but had not given a single hint to anyone.

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At last he approached, not to be but to my best friend and told her he was madly in love with me. She called me and told me everything i told its not possible we r good as Friends (as I had never been in a relationship before and was afraid of its evils). He brainwashed my bestfriend and she started hating me for not valuing his feelings. And the day came i finally came in a relationship with him. He then told me not to tell this to anyone.

After some days he started ignoring me. I kept moan. A month later he told me we are good as Friends. Later i came to know he had a bet with one of my friends to be in a relationship with me.

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