Physical with brother and cousin

My #secretconfessed,
I was always friends with boys, had some silly attractions while schooling. We're a big family. We live almost close in a colony. Our cousin gang was most fun. I loved them. Everything was going good until one day.

It was an afternoon. I, my elder brother, my cousin and his sister came into balcony. The boys told us girls that they want to kiss us. We were in 7th standard, they were 10th.
At first we we refused​, but they convinced us. It slowly turned into physical. My brother and my cousins kissed me on the lips.
Then my cousin got more physical. He did everything except, the *main* thing.
My brother did the same to my cousin. Even my brother groped my breasts.
Then they both males got physical.

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Helper 1 year ago

He doesn't trust them, you should do the same, its a good thing to stay away from your brother & cousins.


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