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My #secretconfessed,

I like a girl she is my old sch frd we were classmate in 4th after that we both left sch and never seen each other now its been 8 years. I found her on fb we chat. Now we chat on wp daily some 2-3 hours or more she has an bf but she brokeout literally now!

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She is so beautifull i really like but i scare to meet her as i dont think that i m so good in looks.The main problems are she calles me bestie again n again sometimes feels like friendzoned also n another problem is her parents wont even allow her to go outside of house thats y her bf also dont meet her. One thing i can tell that she is also eager to meet me n i can meet her only in morning.

Help me guys! What should i do? Shall i met her n propose? Or propose online? Or spend some time her? Help me pls.

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