She blames me for everything that happened to her

My #SecretConfessed:
Have a soft corner for a girl since long time, she knew but she was committed. I too knew and never invoke her... One day she called and started crying asking for support, said her boyfriend left her...

In few days she proposed and left her ex. I knew you thought I used the chance but I always advised her to go and give a try once, I'm always here as your well wisher but she didn't and after few day her ex took his own life.
Then she completely lost and with time we lost all touch.
I gave up. I really suffer hard in the last a huge because eventually she blames me for everything that happend to her and humiliated me from every possible way and I'm just numb on that time.
But in reality till today I myself really never knew what happened.

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Why do I suffer from chronic depression?
And I thought I'm just puppet of my emotion in all this time.
I'm from Nashik.

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