Dowry violence

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Hi, I am a married women 30yrs, love marriage after 7-8 long years relationship.
Everything was fine untill we got married. I am against dowry and my bf is fully aware of it. Still he and his family demanded gold and cash after marriage.

Initially he and all his family members are ohk with this and all sudden everything changed after marriage.
They started insulting me every time, everybody in family. Things turned out worst when they ignored me while i need medication and treatment at most, and so they tourtured i.e. physical domestic violence. 
Two times i was about to die due to the violent behaviour.

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I couldn't establish that physical bonding of love between us.

Now finally i texted one of my friend and we planned to see each other. I felt good and refreshed. Then we meet 3-4 times and we came close and we got intimated.
Ethics says its a cheating on husband but neither my mind nor my heart & soul is taking it as cheating. I am feeling happy after this incident.

I dont know what to do. Kindly reply.

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