Sell or run away?

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My story was very big and my English is bad but plz give me suggestion, plz.
I'm a girl, my dad expired one month ago. We have large amount of problems because of dad's treatment.

Now my family members and village members are telling to sell site to clear the problems, site rate was minimum 1&half crore but all know we have problem so are asking for 40laks.
If I sell for 40, full amount goes to others and bank, how will we (mom, sis, me) live without money, home and site?

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I'm thinking to run away from everyone for 2/3 yrs, then come back & sell the site at least 2crore clear 40lack, save some money and leave.
If we stay here, all will be torturing us for money, even our family members (also very rich and good name in film industry also, but not interested to help us).

So, plz suggest me what I do.

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Rix 1 year ago

Running away wouldn't help. When you will come back, the money you have borrowed from others will have interest so you will have to pay them quite more and the same problem will be there. No one will be ready to buy. You can take a heavy loan on the property from bank. Keep some and pay the rest to people you owe and then relocate. Don't pay back the interest to bank or a single penny. The bank will keep that property for non payment of interest and principal amount. In short you will be selling your property to the bank. Another way is you divide the property in parts and sell each part one by one. Don't sell the complete thing at once.


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