Sexual past of wife

My #secretconfessed,
My best friend got married 7 months back and last week got to know that his wife had sex with 2 and been gf to more then 6, chatting-sexting with many (15-16) on fb before marriage and lied. Excuse she has is it was all before relation with him to get some love and care.

Now he is in trauma and crying every night to get some sleep and peace, cant leave her as promised her parents to always take care of her and loved her more then anything.

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Plz suggest something to bring his smile back.

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Mish 1 year ago

@Rix you may wanna pull out your dictionary and look up the word 'hypocrite', I'm sure that will share some clarity


ttt 1 year ago

tell him to talk t her sort it out, and never talk about the past. he needs to accept that. it has nothing t do with his marraige, its the past.


Rix 1 year ago

Ya right, and when someone gets involved after marriage then it's cheating. How is it ok to have sex with so many people before marriage and wrong after marriage. Height of hypocrisy. Problem is we define our own defination & make up things to suit us


Stuti 1 year ago

Past tha bhai theek hai tera friend kaunse dhoodh ka dhula hoga ab agar woh after marriage yeh sab krti hai tab toh Rona banta hai faltu ka kya drama krn


Sp 1 year ago

Past tha to kuch bhi karo. Fir to future main bhi kuch bhi karo. I am a guy and had an opportunity to lose my virginity 3 times but I didn't. Now does that give me a permission to get intimate with every 2nd girl I see. It is wrong. Ab chahey 1000 bandey isse sahi kahen. Chahey galat ko sahi kehne ke liye poori duniya khadi ho jaaye. Sahi ki definition nahi badalti. Aur sahi vo cheez hai jo tum apne mata pita ko batane main galat na feel karo. Kya koi ladki ye keh sakti hai apne papa se? Tab vo galat ho gaya warna vo past tha.


Rmp 1 year ago

Main karun to s**la character dheela hai. Polygamy bhi allowed honi chahiye. Aur sex kissi aur ke saath karo to cheating nahi bolna chahiye usey.


Xiya Khan 1 year ago

Our society is incredible. Boys can have n number of premarital relations still they want a wife with sealed vagina. Man first see your past. If you ever had any relation with any girl before u met her then you have no right to judge her. If you are a real man. Forgive her past and make a new start


Kk 1 year ago

And what if he didn't have any kind of a relationship before marriage?


Kkc 1 year ago

She is not trustable at any cost, leave her & move on, she can never be make him happy, as habbit can't be left, as she is having a habbit of sex with different persons,


shivam 1 year ago

meri mane to han uska past tha usne apna past enjoy kia, or masti ki meri mane to ab uski biwi se bolna he use ki jo hua so hua aage se aisa na ho , ha use sex ki aag kuch zyada hi he sayad usse control na ho or jin logo se sex kr chuki he unse kre ya koi new bande dhundh le ya fb insta whatsapp kahi bhi sex chat kr skti he , so its all about trust or loyalty, usse clear kran aisa na ho or ho ske to loyalty test bhi le lena or mere ek bhai ne kaha tha ki tumhe pata h tumhe shadi k bad kuda milne wala he to tum khud kuda ban jao, or agar wo compromise nhi kr skta to divorce le skta he sari tension kahtam


Tony 1 year ago

How can u guys be so sure about her past?Secondly it's all past so forget it and go ahead


Baba 1 year ago

CH**tiya kat gaya there dost Ka. Those that lady out, she doesn't deserve his love


jatin 1 year ago

u need to just chanting dear u will be happy trust me try once


Ishi 1 year ago

No worries, you will have your turn.


Sunny 1 year ago

Are you sure that's the correct approach??


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