She doesn't want intimacy with me

My #SecretConfessed,
Hello, I'm a boy of 20 years and it has been three years since I have been in a relationship. I love her a lot, but the fact is she was sexually assaulted by her uncle when she was a child and it scares her a lot. I want to help her, but she gets scared whenever I try something sexual with her.

No doubt I want to have sex with her but I'm ready to wait, but she thinks I'm lying and will leave her alone. I don't know how to make her understand and help her through this. She gets angry and irritated easily, and without any reason starts yelling at me to get away from her, saying I'm him.

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It's confusing me. I don't want to lose her. Please, do help me.

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Horizon 1 year ago

Just love her and show that u care


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